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"Today there are over 100,000,000 million MOOC students
choosing from over 14,000 MOOCs
created by over 1,000 Universities worldwide"

About Us


MOOCs University ("MOOCs U") mission is to increase access for low income individuals/families, under-served student populations, and others to free/affordable credible, accredited higher education courses, providers and degrees worldwide. With over 9,000+ Massive Open Online Courses ("MOOCs") available today from the world's elite universities and content experts - The opportunity to provide every human being that wishes to pursue a higher education degree online with the OPTION of pursuing one thru a Free MOOCs-based University and Degree is possible and feasible today.


For low income individuals/families, and under-served student populations who do not currently have the option to access higher education - the urgency for making this OPTION available now is critical, and while research on the effectiveness /design /structure of this option can continue to be carried out - We need to make this online MOOCs-based OPTION option available today.

MOOCs University ("MOOCs U") Advisory Group works  with  Corporations, Governments, Educational Institutions and other Organizations in the internal and external strategic evaluation, planning, design, production, implementation and integration of MOOCs.   


From strategy development to on-going management and evaluation of enterprise-wide MOOC Initiatives and integration.


If you are interested in learning more about MOOCs University – Advisory services and partnering opportunities, please reach out to us at with subject line Advisory, or

fill out the contact form on this site.